Lithium Mining

Akosdwomo Company Limited, Ghana through systematic exploration has identified major lithium deposit in the property area and intends to commercialize an industrial lithium quarry mine. 

Akosdwomo Company Limited (Esiam Concession) is a limited liability company duly registered in Ghana and holds mineral rights for an approximately 109sqkm concession in the Esiam locality of the  Ajumako Enyan-Esiam District of the Central Region of Ghana. The company through systematic exploration has identified major lithium deposits in the property area and intends to commercialize an industrial lithium quarry mine. 

Lithium is a moderately abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is predominantly concentrated into three types of mineral deposits: pegmatites and granites; sedimentary deposits; and brines (Bowell et al., 2020). 

Current global lithium production is split between pegmatite deposits (particularly in Australia) and brine deposits(particularly in Chile and Argentina). Lithium-bearing pegmatites may also be important sources of other valuable co-product metals such as tantalum, cesium, and tin. In Africa, lithium pegmatites represent the only significant deposit type known, and these occur in many countries across the continent (Von Knorring and Condliffe, 1987)

Lithium Map Location

Location of Akosdwomo Lithium Project

The license provides access to 109km² of highly prospective lithium tenure for Akosdwomo Lithium. The license area is located near the company’s Mankessim exploration asset, the same property hosts the Atlantic lithium project and is north adjacent to the Saltpond license. 

The Chairman

Mr. Bernard Antwi Bosiako, with a 90% share interest. The Government of Ghana in trust for the republic is holding the remaining 10% interest. Pursuant to the Minerals and Mining Act, 2006 (Act 703) (the “Mining Act”), the Government of Ghana acquires a 10% free carried interest in all mining leases by way of 10% share ownership in all Ghanaian corporations who hold large mining leases. The Government of Ghana’s share is only redeemable at the exploitation stage.


According to Chairman Antwi Boasiako, ” He’s working with AGP to build a multibillion – Dollar Mining sector in Ghana, and that’s why he’s sacrificing his time, investment, and creativity to help modify the system” . Chairman Wontumi known in real life as Bernard Antwi Boasiako is a Ghanaian and a serial entrepreneur  and he is also an alumni of the  prestigious Prempeh College. 

The Chairman is said to own the Esiam Lithium Concession and a conglomerate of other Gold mines companies such as Akonta Mines, a local large Scale project, Bauxite, and other essential minerals. He recently launched new radio and television stations in Kumasi and in Accra such as Wontumi Radio 101.3, Wontumi TV, Wontumi Radio 95.9, and Movement TV which is making waves in the media space.

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